Linton Park Update

Linton Park Update

Postby Frazzle » Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:55 pm

Linton Park Lake
Where we are with the lake.

About 10 years ago Martin Jason Peter & Glen use to keep the enclosure around the lake spotless no weeds no brambles swims nice and tidy, then the old owner did not want us to do anything at all and to leave it as wild which we did.
On the finance side I have and still believe it is to expensive, I use to deal with the land agents, every year and tried to get the rent down with no success, then the land agents recommended a new system for increase to the rent which would be better for us so I agreed, little did I know that the new system made increase worst I had been done the old system would have been better. But my messages to the land agents fell on deft ears. Approximately 5/6 years ago we went straight to the owner explained our situation and got the rent froze.
The new owners Linton Park PLC asked to have a meeting with the club, myself and Martin had a meeting and come away feeling good, at the meeting we asked for a reduction in rent but was told lets see how things go for the next year.
They were quite good and were willing to tidy the lake enclosure i.e. remove brambles and a good tidy up.
Martin and Jason and the rest of the team removed all the brambles and cleaned up what they wanted. The following year we had a meeting with the estate manager, they were happy. We asked for a reduction in rent again, then we were told they wanted to raise the rent by £1800.00 which we said we could not afford.
I then wrote them a letter explaining that work on a water is not a instant effect what you do one year you don’t see any affect for a few years, I then suggested that because all fish and car park are ours would they accept them as payment for the coming season. They agreed we pay the rent as usual and get the following year free (free year is this year) so our relation with Linton Park would end 15th June 2018.
Just before Christmas I sent an email to the Estate Manager advising that if they have not got a new club to rent the lake they would be poachers morning noon and night. This was my main concern that I had in my email.
The Estate manager spoke to the big boss and agreed we could rent it for another year so at the moment we have it till 15th June 2019 .
I was told there plans for the lake is to form part of the gardens so in time the lake will not be rented out at all. When that will be she did no know. So fingers crossed hope it is long time plan.

Sorry this is long winded but it will stop false rumours spreading about.

The newsletters were packed and ready to be posted a few days ago, so I have put a label on the rear explaining we still have the lake, so if you could spread the word around we would be grateful.

From the officers and committee members we wish you a very good 2018 with many PBs
If all else fails try some think different.
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